Kylie Edmond

Co-founder, Managing Director

Kylie head shot

Originally from sunny Perth, Western Australia, Kylie came to NYC in search of inspiration and adventure. New York has since become her home and muse.

Her passion for music began early with her first vinyl bought, being that of ABBA, when she was a 3-year-old. Hundreds of rock concerts and tour t-shirts later, Kylie began writing her own songs but didn’t pick up the guitar until years later. A moment which heavily changed and shaped her writing style.

Fusing the arts with helping shelter animals seemed like a perfect fit. Growing up with rescues, Kylie has taken in and helped to find homes for strays since she was a kid. She is obsessed with her dogs, Snickers and Rolo, and suffers more separation anxiety than they do. Knowing that the arts is such a giving community, and a healing medium through which much is spoken, it was clear to Kylie that Rock & Rawhide would be able to make a difference.